About Us

SettingLaw aspires to be the foremost innovative law firm by building long-term relationships with clients based on reciprocity, trust and highest standards of professional ethics. By adopting new models for the delivery of legal services, we strive to redefine the role that a law firm plays in an emerging market, in order to produce truly exceptional results for our national and international clients.

The firm promotes a careful selection of matters, with a flexibility to meet client’s needs and dedicate our best people to the task at hand.

At SettingLaw, not only do we have deep experience of over 16 years in our practice areas, but we also focus on the industries in which our clients do business. That way, we always know we’re delivering the most relevant solutions.


Since our inception, SettingLaw has been focused on building an efficient and effective law firm that always serves each client’s best interests.


At SettingLaw, we help our clients structure deals in advance so they are best positioned to succeed. Success in business often requires finding a solution to a problem that balances risk and creates a win-win situation for all the parties in a transaction.


Our goals and our clients’ goals are the same.


“Experienced. Resourceful. Effective…”